On Tuesday the 27th of September in collaboration with Omek, Footlocker kicked off its first LEED Cultural Experience at its headquarters in Vianen, the Netherlands. MS.ABA joined its first educational session to talk on “Celebrating Global Black Identities”, an insightful, dynamic and interactive talk designed to empower all staff members of the company.

Alongside Kemo CamaraYophi Ignacia and Oyunga Pala, MS.ABA used the story of a comical hero to illustrate her journey of what it was like growing up in the Netherlands. “This gamification was quiet a discovery for me. It helped me to look at my bicultural identity, Africanness and superpowers all at the same time. A way of celebrating, I would say”, MS.ABA shares.

LEED is Foot Locker Inc.’s commitment to invest in, amplify, and empower the Black community that has been pivotal in shaping sneaker culture.