This is Rooted is the introduction record on MS.ABA’s debut EP: Rooted (30 October 2020). In this video the singer shares how her African culture and her upbringing in the Netherlands is shaping her to an international all-round artist. Here is where ‘African’ and western meet.

The African traveller

In just 1,5 minutes, the singer takes you through the cultural journey of what it took to create her debut EP during this pandemic. Following her singles Thanks and Praise (February 2019) and Tomorrow (November 2020). The story of the ‘African traveller’, which in MS.ABA’s words depict how her artistry and personality is part of and connected to a greater story starting from when her parents migrated from Ghana to the Netherlands in the late 70’s.

MS.ABA is known for connecting people in the Netherlands Diaspora. The singer ensured a collaboration with other Afro-Dutch artists for this video.


Video production: Goedkroon Photography
Creative Direction: Cosmos&Lipstick
Hair styling: Gloriousshair
MUA: Louise Brago
Fashion & Styling: Eketino

This is Rooted is produced by KBJ-Eaaron.

MS.ABA’s next video release ‘Everything’is planned for Friday 5 February 2021.

Rooted the EP is made possible by Fonds Podiumkunsten and Augustina Austin.