Every Friday of February, the Dutch-Ghanaian musician and award-winning radio-personality, MS.ABA will be spreading love! Starting from the 14th of February 3 personally produced records, collectively entitled: ‘The Love Bundle’ will be shared on YouTube, Soundcloud and Aftown.

While Valentine’s Day is known for its romantic celebration or sometimes a lonely day, MS. ABA acknowledges that “Every person can use some hope, motivation and a lot of love. Especially a lot of God’s love.” The Love Bundle is all about sharing the love that got the singer through some of the hardest times in her life.

The Love Bundle is a teaser of her forthcoming official single.  Her debut EP, Rooted is planned for June 2020.  MS.ABA introduces Afrocentric soul, a fusion of West-African rhythms on a foundation of gospel sung in English, Pidgin English and Twi.

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