Get ready for MS.ABA’s newest single, Thanks & Praise (produced by Thomas Bekhuizen) to be released on the 4th of January on streaming platforms. The single is from her forthcoming EP called Rooted. Here is a teaser of her forthcoming video.

A fresh African sound

The Dutch-Ghanaian singer-songwriter and presenter, who is also known as Augustina Austin introduces Afrocentric R&B/Soul, a fusion of West-African rhythms and Gospel sung in English, Pidgin English and Twi. Thanks & Praise is a soulful empowering record on faith, love and happiness. Rooted (the EP) is set for April 2019.

Showcasing African creatives

To fully display West-Afrocentric styles, MS.ABA will showcase her Ghanaian roots in her forthcoming video produced by Seventy Visuals and styled by MAF Couture, a Dutch-Cameroonian contemporary fashion label. She collaborates with African fashion, video and graphic designers on her video.

Watch the teaser here.


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