New Single: Denim Combination

Misst Pink IllustrationsI promised to bring out a dance-floor moving song this time.  And it’s finally out! I collaborated again with the talented duo: Josh&Rick on this record and I am excited to share with you my new single: Denim Combination.

Denim Combination is a record that is close to my heart. As an artist, I carry an inspirational message. And this single is one of them. Denim Combination is a metaphor for an unfailing love. It is a message about my faith and love I have experienced throughout. It might not be your average ‘Gospel’ song, but it’s from the heart. When I wrote the song, I knew exactly what kind of groove the song had to carry. Josh& Rick knew exactly which instruments were needed to make the perfect blend.  Denim Combination is sung in Twi and English.

I collaborated with Misst Pink Illustrations for the single art, because her art carries an edge. I needed that edge to be portrayed on the cover. Her design to me was perfect. It portrays my joy and happiness I put into the song perfectly.

Mixed by the Madhatter
Mastered by: DJ Skilla.
Guitar by Benjamin Ankomah
Single art by MissTPink Illustrations
Songwriter: Augustina Austin

Stay blessed!